Welcome to Avonlea Farm Riding School


Have you ever had a dream, which you strived to achieve and you finally made it a reality?

This happened to me!

Avonlea was born from this dream. A young girl who fantasised about living on a farm with horses and animals surrounding her,helping young children and bringing in abused and neglected animals. She dreamt of one day filling the farm with the laughter of children and the many different sounds of the animals, having the opportunity of teaching people to ride and passing her love of animals onto others.


The story of your parents saying, “we can never afford a horse” somehow didn’t stick and one day when going out to buy a washing machine they were handed a free horse named Hoover.

Hoover was everything to me, my friend and my companion.

Although being a trained child care worker, I always found time to further my Equestrian studies and have fun with my boy, we did everything together.

Although probably I will never bond again with another horse in the same way as I did with my Hoover. I can look back on the many children and adults we have taught together over the years, and know we did it together. The love of animals and children definitely can go hand in hand.

Hoover’s memory will live on at Avonlea farm
“Where dreams become reality”

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TERM 1   2 Feb - 2 April
TERM 2   20 Apr - 3 July
TERM 3   20 July - 25 Sept
TERM 4   12 Oct - 17 Dec



Term 1 Thurs 16th April 9 - 4
Term 2 Wed 15th July 9 - 4
Term 3 Fri 9th Oct 9 - 4
Term 4 TBD  



Avonlea farm is FULLY insured...


We must stress that all activities undertaken at the farm are at your own risk. All care will be taken by our staff but NO RESPONSIBILITY.




Recently, Avonlea Farm Riding was selected to be featured in Channel 7's lifestyle program, Made in WA. Click on the link to watch the feature.